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Hidden Camera and GPS Tracker Detector

Hidden Camera and GPS Tracker Detector

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Introducing the Anti Hidden Camera and GPS Tracker Detector - the #1 ultimate solution for privacy protection in Airbnb, Hotel, Apartment and anywhere else you want! With its advanced detection technology, the device is able to detect hidden cameras and GPS trackers within a range of 0.2-10 meters. The detector can also detect device connected per wifi, like wireless camera, for exemple.

The Hiddentify detector features a unique alarm method, with a vibration sound that alerts you of the presence of hidden cameras and/or GPS trackers. The wireless detector has a small and portable design, making it easy to take with you wherever you go. Hidden cameras are becoming more popular and frequent than ever and our detector is there to protect you of this rise. In 2020, a poll showed that more than 1 in 10 guests (11%) had found hidden cameras in an Airbnb rental. These statistics keep getting creepier each year and it might seem dumb to some people, but a lot of person are starting to becoming paranoid because of this. For exemple, in 2022, South Korea had a huge problem with hidden spy cameras that were filming AND especially live streaming the footage that they were taking secretly in hotel, changing rooms, houses, appartement, airbnb, pretty much anywhere !

Protect your privacy and ensure your security with the T1 Anti Hidden Camera and GPS Tracker Detector. Order yours today! 

Package Includes:

Wireless detector x 1

Charging cable x 1

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