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Jellyfish Humidifier

Jellyfish Humidifier

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This is not a regular humidifier!

Besides getting the air purified, making you feel chilled and relaxed... This brand new design sets a new mood and tone to your environment.  Not only has a variety of lights, most importantly, it doesn't blow like a regular humidifier.

Offering a unique "jellyfish blow" where every 3 seconds releases a jellyfish shaped smoke into the air that swims and drifts away. A constant regular mist within the same device is also offered that sprays softly into the air.

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Humidifier benefits

There is more to this device, besides the relaxing and aesthetically pleasing characteristics, it affects our bodies in different type of ways.

These are just a few benefits...

  • Increases the amount of oxygen in the room.
  • Moisturize dry skin and help reduce skin peeling.
  • Reducing snoring.
  • Eases breathing in children and adults.
  • Keeping skin and hair moist.
  • Influenza prevention.
  • Allergy attack prevention.
  • Seasonal allergies prevention.
  • Dry air reduction.
  • Better and deeper sleep.
  • Makes small particles settle.

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Uniquely designed

Thankfully this device is built for every single occasion and circumstance. Equipped with LED lights, offering a 7 color variation to set a perfect atmosphere.

Use it in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, desk, workplace and, due to its portability, you can even use it inside the car or wherever fits best! 

It has two spraying modes that can last up to 6 hours long on a single charge.

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