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Push-Up Rack Board Training

Push-Up Rack Board Training

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The 9-In-1 Push-Up Maximizer Board is a multipurpose, color-coded push-up board system that aids in building strength and definition throughout your entire upper body. It offers advice on how to get the best results possible for the muscle group you want to build.

SCULPT THE WHOLE UPPER BODY: Nine various push-up positions that encourage good form will help you effectively and efficiently shape the upper body's muscles.

ACT AS YOUR OWN TRAINER: Stop paying your trainers to save up to $5,000 annually. You can follow the simple color-codes to get the expert advice you need to reach your home training goals. You can't go wrong if you put in the effort and stick to the colour palette.

FOR A SAFER WORKOUT: According to statistics, 73% of workout injuries are the result of improper form, which has a long-term or permanent impact. To avoid any injuries, follow the instructions on the 9-In-1 Push-Up Maximizer Board for the proper push-up form. Additionally, it has two bigger handgrips that are intended to relieve pressure on your wrist. Train hard and safely, and take responsibility for your actions.


PUSH YOUR LIMIT TO UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL: There's more than one push-up you can do to develop the same muscle group. Challenge yourself to more advanced push-up by switching angles within the same color-code to maximize your workout performance.

HASSLE-FREE & EASY TO USE: Equipment that is difficult to use or set up can be a huge turn off and affect your motivation. The 9-In-1 Push-Up Maximizer Board can be set up in less than 1 minute yet producing better results that other bulky equipment or a gym session. Spend less time/effort on the equipment and more time achieving your fitness goals.

SPACE-SAVING & PORTABLE: Can be easily dismantled and packed into the storage bag provided. Put it away when you are done using to free up space in your home. Perfect for anyone who has space constraint at home. It's portable size also makes it a great travel companion allowing you to steal a quick workout from your hotel when traveling. No more excuses to skip a workout day.

Push up is one of the easiest and most effective exercises that activate nearly the entire muscle in your body. While the standard push-up is great, other variations are what truly differentiates the training and accelerate the growth of your muscle. It is vital to know the exact push-up position in order to sculpt the desired muscle group efficiently and effectively. The 9-In-1 Push-Up Maximizer is designed to help you to achieve your goal and sculpt your entire upper body strength, easily, safely, and effectively from home without breaking the bank. This one simple equipment will be a game-changer to your push-up routine and replace other unnecessary strength training equipment. It serves just like your personal trainer at home showing you exactly what to do to achieve your fitness growth.


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