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Urban Portable Blender

Urban Portable Blender

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fresh juice blender

Why choose Urban Portable blender?

✅ Portable
No more bulky blenders that take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Put it in your bag and drink straight from the jar.

💪🏼 Powerful
Regular blender performance in a compact size. It blends everything from ice, frozen fruit, greens, and more in 20 seconds.

👍🏼 Cordless
With its rechargeable battery, you can make up to 15 cups of smoothie. 

💦 Waterproof
Thanks to the USB magnetic suction ring, you can fully submerge it in water. 

🧽 Easy to clean
Just pour a little bit of soap and some water and let it run on its own.

fresh juice blender

Charge Wirelessly


Urban Blender will be your best buddy if you want to mix on the move. It includes a wireless power station that can be plugged into any USB device, such as a power bank, laptop, or PC. Charge one hour and enjoy 15+ mixes.

Take it anywhere

Whether you're having a busy day and can't bother to stop for a healthy meal or are on the go with your little one and need to fix a quick puree, our Portable Blender allows you to enjoy your favorite beverages no matter where you are.


We can all agree that cleaning a whole blender for just a small glass of smoothie is a chore we all hate. With FreshBlend

Urban Portable Blender you can forget about the dishes and drink directly from the cup, and when you're done, simply add water and a bit of dish soap and let it run for a couple of seconds.

Compact Size

Designed with our busy everyday lifestyle in mind, we made the Urban Portable Blender

Urban Portable Blender lightweight and compact so you can stash it in your bag or purse and use it anywhere from work to the gym and travel.


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